Your Mining & Construction Industry Application Specialists

Securing a job in the Mining & Construction industry is not as easy these days as it used to be. Twenty years or so ago, you used to be able to walk onto a site, have a chat with the Site Manager about your skills and experience, and if they liked the sound of you, you would start the next day! These days however, with employment being such a competitive market, it is necessary to submit a resume and cover letter that stands out and clearly highlights your suitability against sometimes hundreds of applicants! This can be a daunting task, especially if you are just starting out in the industry, or have never had to go through this application process as you have held the same job for many years.

Your resume and cover letter are often the very first point of contact between you and your next potential employer. Therefore, it is necessary to make an outstanding first impression with a well-written and professionally designed resume. There is really no other way around it – employers these days demand that you submit a resume and cover letter before they even consider you and thanks to all of the competition, not just any old resume will do, you need one that stands out from the crowd. Your resume and cover letter need to shine in order to make a first impression that counts – this is what will make you stand out from the competition.

Our team of professional Mining & Construction industry Resume Writers at Construction Resumes have assisted hundreds of trade, construction and mining workers to improve their professional profile and prospects of securing their next interview. With the help of a number of key questions tailored to extract your best qualities and accomplishments that target the position you are seeking, our Writers create resumes and cover letters that are strong, compelling and sure to capture the reader’s interest. Most importantly, our Writers are well-aware of the necessity to use those key words and phrases that are required to get past the scanning software that is often used in these industries. So as well as grabbing the reader’s attention, you can be sure that our writers will make certain that your documents contain all of the relevant industry keywords and position buzz words to ensure that it doesn’t end up in the ‘no’ pile.

Think of it this way – when you go shopping, chances are, you make a purchase because you have seen the product advertised and it is appealing to you. This is the way your resume should be presented, as an advertisement that highlights your relevant skills, accomplishments, and answers the employer’s questions. You would hire an Electrician for your electrical work, a Plumber for you plumbing work, or a Lawyer to do legal work; so it makes sense to hire a professional resume writer to write your resume and cover letter! So what are you waiting for? Contact the team at Construction Resumes today to make a positive step in the right direction to a long and successful career. Not only will you get a professionally written and designed mining & construction industry resume and cover letter, but we offer a free 45 day revision period where we will work with you after your documents are completed to make any modification you require. This ensures 100% satisfaction and confidence when submitting your documents to potential employers.

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