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Construction Resumes is Australia’s leading Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile writing service for the Construction and Mining sectors, whether you’re engaged in the Civil, Residential, Non-Residential, or the Mining, Oil and Gas Sectors. If you are a Skilled Trade Professional, Plant and Machinery Operator, Project Manager, HSE Officer, Estimator, Foreperson/Supervisor, Contract Administrator or Engineer, our experienced and qualified Construction & Mining Resume writers have you covered, from the Apprentice or Graduate level right through to Executive Leadership roles.

Our professional Construction & Mining Resume writers have years of experience working in Senior Human Resources roles for Australia’s biggest Construction and Mining companies, and their insights are invaluable to any job seeker, at any level of their career. Construction Resumes team of professional writers also stay up-to-date with the latest social media technologies and recruitment trends so you know you will be getting the latest and best advice for your new Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Interview Skills Coaching Session or even Career Development Coaching.

Specialist Construction & Mining Resume Writers

Construction projects in any sector require personnel with specific talents to plan, design, construct and maintain the projects. While you may possess the expertise, qualifications and skills to ensure project success and meet the role requirements, many do not have the skills to clearly demonstrate these traits when it comes to producing a Resume, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile. In this competitive market, it is vital that your application documents present you in the best possible light to secure an interview. Enlisting the services of the Construction Resumes dedicated and professional team of Construction & Mining Resume writers will give you an edge over your competitors and make you stand out from the crowd!

Construction Resumes will also alleviate the stress and strain of applying for your next role, allowing you to continue focusing on your existing work. Our writing team consists of ex Construction Human Resource Managers and Recruiting specialists, and has direct experience and knowledge working with professionals from some of Australia’s largest Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas companies, including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Thiess, and Leighton, so you can be confident that your writer will understand the key words, the professional language and the structure required to get the best possible results for you.

Get ahead with a professional Resume that sells your value – contact the team at Construction Resumes today for a free Resume appraisal and obligation-free quote. Packages are available with all Products and Services, simply enquire now and one of our friendly and helpful team members can build a package to suit your requirements.

Experts in Civil Construction Resume Writing

Many specialist disciplines fall under the general banner of Civil Construction, including Structural, Geotechnical, Maritime, Environmental, Transportation and Hydraulics. Civil Construction professionals work on Bridges, Buildings, Oil Platforms, Pipelines, Roads, Railways, Water Supply Networks, Sea Defences and Construction Foundations, among many others. It is possible to work in a generalist Civil Engineering role, gaining experience in a wide range of fields, or to specialise in one area. When seeking work in this industry, it is important that your Resume and Cover Letter demonstrate who you are, your capabilities as a potential employee, and how you can add value. It is also imperative that you provide the reader with a comprehensive overview that is interesting, gets to the point and, most importantly, sells your capabilities above other applicants.

If you are applying to any of the medium to large Construction companies, it is highly likely that your Resume will be vetted first by human resource staff who ultimately decide whether or not to shortlist your application. Therefore, it is important that your Resume and Cover Letter are in an easy to read format and written in a way that can be understood by someone without strong direct knowledge of your area of expertise. The Construction Resumes team of professional Resume writers will put together your documents in a way that allows time poor recruitment professionals to establish within seconds if you hold the required qualifications, experience and skills to justify short listing you for a position. Enlisting the services of our dedicated, professional team of Resume writers is the first step in ensuring your Resume makes the right impact on employers and gets you to that vital interview stage.

You can tell a good Civil Construction professional by their Resume; this document needs to showcase precision, to start with an efficient qualifications summary and to be tailored to the job opportunity. By informing us of your education, skills and key accomplishments, we will create for you that remarkable Resume, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile that gets you the job. We will highlight the achievements you have had with each past project and promote you as an invaluable asset to any employer. The team of expert writers at Construction Resumes are familiar with the Civil Construction market and with best practices. The Resumes we produce are totally up to date and compelling and will help you land your next job interview! Contact the team at Construction Resumes today for a free appraisal and obligation-free quote.

Mining Resume Writers – Unrivaled Knowledge of the Mining Industry

The team at Construction Resumes have an in-depth understanding of the Australian Mining, Oil & Gas, and resource sectors, industry trends and recruitment processes. Whether you are a Dump Truck Operator, Superintendent, Maintenance Planner, Engineer, Diesel Fitter, OHS Manager, Site Administrator, Mechanical Fitter or even a Cleaner or Chef, Construction Resumes has the skills and experience to write the Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile you require. When it comes to writing your documents, our writers make sure to highlight your practical industry skills, experience and qualifications, as well as your ‘soft skills’ like communication, teamwork and safety management.

Your resume must also clearly list your industry qualifications, tickets and current inductions. Construction Resumes Mining, Oil and Gas Resumes are rich with the necessary keywords, but without extra fluff and useless jargon. We just prepare great documents that will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Contact Construction Resumes today and take control of your career with a free appraisal and obligation-free quote.

The Mining, Oil and Gas Construction industry is a significant driver of economic activity in Australia, producing buildings and infrastructure that are essential to Mining operations, while adding to the capital stock of the nation. With the media reporting that we are now facing the end of the ‘mining boom’, companies within the industry are getting smarter about who and how they hire. Because of this, the Mining, Oil and Gas job market has become more competitive and submitting an average Resume and Cover Letter is no longer good enough. It is important that you present an application package that employers can connect with and believe in.

Writing a Resume and applying for jobs, now involves developing your ‘personal brand’ with strategically focused documents. However, Resumes can be quite confusing, because they are not something that you get a lot of practice in writing. This is why investing in a professional Resume writing service like Construction Resumes can be the best investment you will make in your career. Our team of professional and dedicated writers have had ample experience in writing for the Mining, Oil and Gas industries, ensuring that your skill set, qualifications and knowledge are clearly in line with the requirements of the position you are seeking. Send through your Resume for a free appraisal and one of our trained and helpful consultants will contact you to go over any applicable changes or improvements.

Your Home for Residential Construction Resume Writing

Construction Resumes understand that in the Residential Construction industry, prompt and top-quality work is vital. Moreover, when applying for roles, your knowledge of industry regulations and diverse equipment and tools, along with an ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, must be immediately clear. With each stage of a build, whether it is the initial planning stage, or final walk-through and inspection, your industry knowledge, efficiency, and keen attention to detail result in continued success and repeat business. People rely on you because of your ability to ensure the timely delivery of precision work without losing sight of safety compliance, and now you can lean on the expert writers at Construction Resumes to ensure you leverage the latest industry keywords, phrases and Resume strategies. In the hands of one of our professional resume writers, your Resume will target the Residential Construction industry, be customised to your specific career goals, and will set you apart from other candidates.

Whether you are a Builder, Foreperson, Bricklayer, Supervisor or Architect, it’s obvious that you have what it takes to build a finely constructed home, but constructing an eye catching and professional Resume and Cover Letter requires a whole different set of skills! When working on a Residential Construction, you call upon an expert for each stage of the build; so, why not do the same for your career?

The team at Construction Resumes will create your Resume, tailored specifically for the Residential Construction industry and your career goals, as well as a Cover Letter and any other job application materials that you may need, including building your LinkedIn Profile. You can be confident knowing that your documents will clearly demonstrate your building industry knowledge, capabilities and achievements with maximum effect. Our team of professional Resume writers are highly skilled in identifying and demonstrating the most important aspects of your profession, whilst elaborating on your skills and key achievements to create a Resume targeted at the roles that you are applying for.

Ensure the stability of your future and lay the foundation for your future career with a professionally written Resume and Cover letter. Don’t hesitate; call the team at Construction Resumes now for a free appraisal and obligation free quote.

Specialist Commercial Construction Resume Writing Services

In today’s competitive Commercial or non-Residential Construction job market, Construction Resumes’ products and services are priceless when it comes to presenting a job application. You need a professionally written document that clearly showcases your professional skills, experience and qualifications. Your Resume is critical to your success in progressing your career and securing that vital interview, so it is worthwhile spending some time to perfect it. However, putting together a Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile can seem more daunting than that multi-level skyscraper. Many people within the Commercial or non-Residential Construction industry have never had to write a Resume before, including possibly yourself. A lot of candidates tell us they have never had the need to complete or provide a Resume for job vacancies as all the work has come from word of mouth. This is set to change and at some point in everyone’s career there will be a need for a professionally written Resume and Cover Letter.

A potential employer’s first impression of you is based solely on your Resume. To get an interview, it’s essential to have a personally written profile, targeted to your industry, highlighting your education, training, skills, abilities and experience, combined with a concise history of employment and achievements. You can gain the advantage by having a trained professional writer prepare this critical document for you. The team at Construction Resumes will highlight what you have to offer in the workplace and provide evidence of how you have successfully demonstrated your skills. Moreover, we write an accurate and concise history and highlight the duties that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for, while defining the positive results from your previous employers.

A professional Resume writer can open doors to that interview, giving you the opportunity to prove how good you really are. Without a professional Resume you may never get this chance! Take the next logical step in your career by contacting the team at Construction Resumes to ensure you are the most desirable candidate for the next role you apply for. We are expert Construction industry resume writers and have written thousands of Resumes ranging throughout a broad spectrum of the Construction specialties, including Commercial or non-Residential Construction. Contact the team at Constructions Resumes now for a free appraisal and obligation-free quote.