Cover Letter

Professional Cover Letter Writing Service

Your Cover Letter will be the first item that your potential employer will read. Its contents need to instantly grab their attention and convince them to consider your Resume. How far do you think you are going to get if there is incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, bad formatting or irrelevant waffling? Not far at all. A well-written Cover Letter can truly be the deal breaker as to whether you are selected for an interview. Our professional team at Construction Resumes can help you compile a cover letter tailored for your job applications. Our decades of combined experience means we know exactly what it takes to get you past the first step.

A Cover Letter is designed to demonstrate to employers your skills and attributes that make you the ideal candidate. This will require careful reading of the job advertisement, the position description and other available material. Our highly skilled writers will create a Cover Letter that highlights the qualities, experience and training that are being sought by Construction, Mining, or Oil and Gas companies.  When applying for Construction, Mining or Oil and Gas positions, you must ensure that your Cover Letter is working for you – not against you.

Your cover letter should be more than pretty packaging of your Resume. It is the interview panel’s first indication of who you are and your abilities.  An effective Cover Letter needs to consider a variety of points. For example, it must use appropriate language for a specific audience and distinguish you from other applicants. In addition, it must demonstrate that you understand the position that you are applying for. Give us a call today. We can help ensure that your Cover Letter ticks all the right boxes and entices the reader to contact you for an interview.

We can help those at every career stage

  • Apprentice – Trainee
  • Skilled Trade (up to $80k per year)
  • Senior ($80k – $120k per year)
  • Senior Experienced ($120k – $150k per year)
  • Executive/Leadership ($150k+)

Our team of ex Construction, Mining and Oil and Gas Senior HR staff have direct knowledge and understanding of the requirements of a well written and presented application. Our products are backed up with a 45-day review and feedback period to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your completed documents. Additionally,  all documents are provided in an editable MS Office Word document so you will have access to complete any simple changes yourself. We offer packages with all of our services.  Therefore, if you require two or more products or services, simply call one of our friendly and trained professionals today. We can help build the right package for you.