Construction Writer Profiles

Our team of highly experienced and skilled Writers provide quality and professional resume and cover letter writing services to meet the needs of any construction industry professional. Whether this is your first application in the industry, or you are looking for a new challenge or promotion, Construction Resumes’ Writers will provide a customised solution to assist you to reach your career aspirations. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to ask the right questions, enabling us to get to know what makes you tick as a professional, while making your skills, qualifications and achievements shine.

What makes our Writers stand out from the rest is their extensive experience as human resources professionals who have industry expertise in recruiting, selecting and hiring candidates within the mining and construction industries. This means that they have seen hundreds and thousands of resumes, and interviewed lots of candidates for many different roles, resulting in ‘insider’ knowledge of what is required for a successful application. This extends to our Writers knowing exactly what key words and phrases should be used within your resume and cover letter to differentiate you from the competition.

Upon your first contact with our dedicated and professional Writers, they will give you their undivided attention, while utilising their expertise to create a winning document that catches the eye of your potential employer and significantly enhances your chance of securing an interview. They will work closely with you to produce quality documents that you are confident in submitting and that time and again land your application at the ‘top of the pile’. Our team of Writers at Construction Resumes are accomplished in the resume writing field and you will notice a difference in working with us. This will be reflected through the quality time they spend with you asking specific questions regarding your background, knowledge, skills and abilities to strengthen your documents.

You can read more about each available writer’s background, experiences, and areas of expertise, as well as client testimonials via the profiles provided below.