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Our team of Construction-Mining Selection Criteria Writers are on standby and ready to assist you with your Selection Criteria needs. Some roles you apply for including local council roles or government advertised roles may require you to respond to Selection Criteria questions as a separate document to your Resume and Cover letter. This is a very important part of applications and is showing the interview panel how you best meet the criteria with your skills, experience and qualifications and or licences. If you find a suitable role and you are required to provide a response to the Selection Criteria you need to ask yourself “do I meet the criteria for the role advertised?”. If you do not meet the criteria, consideration should also be given to your transferable skills. Many candidates are not aware that your transferable skills are applicable when compiling your responses to the Selection Criteria and, if relevant, will be taken into consideration by the Interview or Selection Panel.

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The most essential aspect of addressing Selection Criteria is to provide information through relevant examples and to support your claims with authentic, specific descriptions of how you have best met each Selection Criteria question through work, study or community involvement including voluntary work. Most Government Key Selection Criteria will require you to address the Selection Criteria via the STAR method which is Situation, Task, Actions and Result. Another common way is the SAO method which is very similar – Situation, Action, Outcome. The amount of words, pages or character limits you are expected to provide per question or for the entire Selection Criteria will depend on the role requirements instruction for this is usually provided within the applications details. For assistance with locating this information or to offer an obligation free quote please contact on of our friendly and helpful customer service operator now.

Our team of Construction-Mining Selection Criteria writers have the expertise and high success rate in completing Key Selection Criteria, we offer the following Construction-Mining Selection Criteria services below, depending on your current salary range or the role you applying for will determine the correct service:

  • Professional: under $80k per year
  • Senior: Salary $80k-$120k per year
  • Senior Experienced: $120k – $150k
  • Executive Leadership: over $150K+

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